Wrap Around Labeling Machine with Pick and Paste (Servo Rotary Indexing)
Wrap Around Labeling Machine with Pick and Paste (Servo Rotary Indexing) Customized Labelling Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Puchong Machine, Manufacturer, Supplier, Supply | Solo Labelling Sdn Bhd
Wrap-around Labelling Machine (Servo Rotary Indexing)Wrap-around Labelling Machine With Pick and Paste (Servo Rotary Indexing )


We are Solo Labeller Technology Sdn.Bhd Providing Labeling Machine for your products. We stand here with our machines to assist you in your labeling products even with different Size and Shape Products. Here we showed you an appropriate machine for your product. We showed above how the label machine used on a single product.

Model : CUST-TLF5-SL80-WR-RT/14


Product moving direction(rotate) anti clockwise
Modules  Stepper motor combine servo and rotary pick and paste
Applicator type Standard Flexcy side app(80's) 
Cabinet Table top (L x W X H) 30”(L) x26”(W) x 19”(H) need to cover with Alu. Plate(12.7x762x838mm)
Applicator motor type Stepper
Conveyor length 165(W)x1440(L)x245(H)mm
Conveyor motor type 1phase 40w/ratio 18(oriental)
Applicator mounting base Tilting and Shearing device
Machine Length D25x500mm(V) & D25x400mm(H)with indicator counter
Roller Height 80mm
Unwinder Acrylic Dia 250mm
Conveyor Model Customized
Control System Chang Customized
HMI Mitsubishi Color
Label Gap Sensor Fiber Optic "FTC410" Slot Sensor

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