Egg Tray
Egg Tray Machine By Industry Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Puchong Machine, Manufacturer, Supplier, Supply | Solo Labelling Sdn Bhd Corner Side Labelling Concept Top Labelling on Egg Tray Concept Corner 2 side Labelling on Egg Tray Concept
Top labelling On Egg Tray 10's (Teo Seng)Top labelling On Egg Tray 10's with TTO (Teo Seng)

We are Solo Labeller Technology Sdn.Bhd Provide a Labeling Machine for your Egg Tray product. We provided 2 types of machine which is Standard Labeling and Customize Labeling. We Stands here with our machine to help you in your labeling product even with different Size and Shape of Product. If you doesn’t have any label we will help you with that issues with our partner who are produce label for any types of label and design.

Info : On the Following is a machine that offers a labelling solution for this industry. 
Note : This Machine not for Industry Egg Tray only, but can be used for another Industry Application.

Solo® Top Applicator With Corner Press Device Labelling

Solo® Top Labeling

Solo® Flexcy Top Labeling


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